About game

Become an impostor an astronaut and do your best to follow the best scenario for your role! This means that you will have to complete the tasks assigned to each of the roles in Among Us unblocked – the full amazing version of the game that opens a new world of cosmic detective and tricky stories where everyone can turn to be a hidden betrayer that plans a serious mass murder of the entire crew! This might be you or any other member of the squad – you have no idea about that. If this impostor is not you, of course. The hot plot of the game makes the communication between characters very exciting and lively – you will be amazed by the process, so hurry up and try it now!
As you have already understood, the game divides you into two teams of players – impostors and astronauts. The latter ones are known as hard-working and loyal persons, working hard on their spaceship and dreaming of the space discoveries. Becoming one of them, you will be a real hard-working bee, trying to solve numerous tasks and missions. However, the game can also prescribe you a role of the impostor, which means that you are going to be a secret enemy of the squad and nobody will know who you really are, unless you kill them, of course. These poor things will take the secret into the grave, if you are careful enough, of course. Enjoy the full version of Among Us here and enjoy unblocked content, where all characters, levels, and cool skins are yours. Have fun and play the game right now! This is your chance to become a part of a marvelous story! Take part in voting, complete your work, or sabotage the activity on the shin in any you want to! This game is one of the best social entertainments perfect for the companies of 4-10 people. The free and unlimited version of the game is at your service and you are welcome to start playing it right here and right now – become an impostor or an astronaut and have fun on the spaceship, where dangers are all around and risks are waiting around the corner!

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