About game

Did you know that Among Us is a game that is still pretty vulnerable to cheats? Well, this means that you can activate them and win all the matches with the impostors or astronauts, considering the side you will have to take. The cheats we have prepared for you are something like a pack of modifications that provide you with a pack of features for superiority over your rivals. The cheats will definitely make your playing experience different – you will feel yourself like a real god on the spaceship and do whatever you want to. This becomes possible today. What can you get from Among Us cheats? Let’s see.
You may use a cheat to set the speed for your character, even when he/she is already a ghost. With such a cheat, you can move really fast around the map. Also, you can change the color of your character – choosing another suit for him/her. And if you want more – check the cheat that adds some accessories, like hats, costumes, and even cute pets. You don’t have to pay in-game cash for them – cheats unblock the accessories and make you look pretty on the battlefield. What can be better than a nice hat even when you are in a fight with murderers? Or a murder yourself? Well, there is more. You can become a super-killer without a necessity to recharge your character and kill them one by one. If you are not inspired by the idea of playing the match to the end, you can use the cheat that provides an immediate victory and end the game no matter which side you take. If you are an astronaut, you may want a cheat that will close all of your tasks on the current map and set you free from the endless duties.

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