About game

As you know, Among Us is the game that can be different any time you play it. This is one of the main great aspects of it and the reason why so many players enjoy it again and again. The plot is always unwrapped in front of your eyes depending on you and your crewmates, their tricks, ideas, strategies, and psychology. That is why, Among Us is always a new story, where you cannot really guess which twist is around the corner and what role you are going to play. The great thing about Among Us is that the game is similar to our life and social interactions, only transferred to the fantastic conditions. However, we are pretty sure that even though each experience with Among Us is fresh, you are waiting for some updates and cool things to discover. Now you can have them with a new game of the series!
This time, you will enjoy an expanded environment, where new locations and even entire maps are all at your disposal. Not only the environments, but actors change, as well. For instance, you can get some new skills, new features, and additional accessories that were not available in the original game and they will make your game really different and great. The impostors are still attacking the astronauts and their aim is to stop and even ruin the mission of space investigation. At the same time, the astronauts are still doing their best to continue their space research, repair the ship, distinguish betrayers, and finish something they want to achieve. Become one of them and do your best to play the role successfully and to the end. Fight the betrayers if you are a good guy and make sure to bring chaos to the spaceship in case you play for one of the nasty impostors. Do your best in any case and the most important – have fun in this new and marvelous Among Us adventure! The game starts – join right now and open the world of impostors and astronauts one more time!

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