About game

When you manage to find the game you really like, it is really hard to walk away from the computer and stop playing it. Well, addiction in the world of gaming is something so habitual and even sweet, so you don’t have to worry about that – the mobile versions of your favorite titles are always at your service to keep you tuned and happy. For example, now you have a chance to play one of the best and most popular titles of the century – cool game Among Us, a real masterpiece of the social games. This means that both your smartphone and tablet are suitable for the newly developed gameplay for the small screen!
In the mobile version of Among Us, you will have to do everything as you did before. This means that you will play either for an impostor or an astronaut, do your best to complete the assigned tasks, and do what your role encourages you to do. The astronauts are here to bring things in order and ensure that a cosmic mission passes perfectly. The impostors have an opposite goal – they are willing to kill people, ruin the ship, and do everything to make the plans of noble researchers fail. Whatever role you are lucky to play, you have to do numerous breath-taking activities. We bet that you will like both! At the same time, the mobile version of the game will ensure that you can enjoy your favorite Among Us wherever you are – this news is great!
Even though this one is a mobile version, this doesn’t mean that you have to download and install a full-fledged application or something like that. You can launch the game right from your smartphone or tablet using the simple browser you already have on your device! This way, the game is available wherever you can find a good Wi-Fi. Have fun 24/7, at any place, enjoying the great portable version of Among Us! And, of course, it is absolutely free and unlimited – full content and great adventures are waiting for you!

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