About game

Updates, updates, everyone! Welcome to the brand new version of a famous and absolutely marvelous game Among Us 2021. This will be your top favorite game for a pretty long time – we are pretty sure about that. The game is multi-layered and really cool, because you can never know what is waiting for you next and who is really who in your team. The plot and interactions between the players are absolutely user-generated, which means that every session of Among Us is 100% unique and cannot be repeated. The game of 2021 welcomes you to enjoy the brand new piece of content – right now!
First of all, the developers have prepared a pack of cool features for you, dear fans. This includes everything you like ab out the game that much. From the additional colors of the impostors and marvelous hats to wear to new pets and environments you will have to discover. The ship where the events take place is now a bit different, so get ready to orient yourself in the unusual space – you have never been there before and who knows in which of the rooms or corridors you may meet an impostor. Still, if you are the impostor yourself, it is great for you to take a careful look at these places and find which one is the darkest and the quietest one – consider it as a perfect place for a murder. Try to call one of the astronauts there and find the moment when he/she is there all alone. If you do catch such a perfect moment, you will have a chance to take your knife out and kill that guy with one move – nobody will see you. After that, the traditional voting will take place. Both impostors and astronauts have the right to vote during each session and the player that gets a maximal amount of votes will be punished. The rest of the team mates will throw him away from the ship in the outer space. After this happens to you or any other participant, the game doesn’t end – you can still continue walking around the spaceship and completing various puzzles you had before your death. However, the option to vote and talk to other players will be closed in such a case. No matter which role you will play in this story, enjoy the game and have fun in this fresh version of the magnificent Among Us!

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