About game

The spaceship is about to make a distant flight and discover new planets and galaxies. The team of astronauts (four-ten players) is preparing for the flight and do their best to make everything right. However, at some moment, they suddenly realize that something really creepy is happening on the board. They accidentally find a body on the board – this was one of their colleagues. What does it supposed to mean? Seems like there is a betrayer on the ship and this guy is pretty bloodthirsty. What is more, you suddenly see that the equipment and parts of your spaceship are not okay – they are partly broken, because the same betrayer is here to do harm and chaos.
The game encourages you and your crewmates to find yourself on the board and start an incredible story – again, because this is the second part of famous Among Us game and you are welcome to try it out now. The idea is the same as you know it from the previous original. You and other team members are divided into groups secretly – there are hard-working and honest astronauts as well as tricky and nasty betrayers. If you play for the first group of participants, you have to do everything a real astronaut does, depending on your profile: be it a technical worker or anyone else necessary on the shipboard. There are also “comrades” that avoid doing anything and if you notice that some of your team members act like this, you must look very carefully at him – maybe, he is not lazy, but really nasty. This might be the most dangerous member of your team, namely – the impostor.
Who are those impostors? In simple words, these are the guys that are here to spoil the cosmic mission, break the equipment of the ship, and what is more – to kill the other astronauts. The idea of the game is to find those impostors and vote them off the ship, if you are one of the astronauts, of course. In case you are assigned to play the role of an impostor, well, you will have to do the worst things that come to your head and crucially – try to stay uncovered. Pretend being one of your buddies and do your best not to show your real entity too much. Or else – they will catch you and kill you. This will definitely happen when nobody else can see you, so be very careful and avoid staying one on one with some of your team members, especially if you suspect them in being impostors. By the way, you have to suspect anyone – some of them can hide really professionally, depending on the skills and wittiness of your co-players.

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